Reiki in the everyday world

I suffer from severe migraines. I always have. I used to get them the majority of the month at lease 20 days a month. I missed a lot of school growing up due to my migraines. Test didn’t show anything abnormal. So, as adult they can be debilitating. I was going into day 5 of this migraine and it was at full force! I mean from 1-10 it was a 100. I felt like my eyes would just combust from the pressure. My prescribed medication didn’t remedy my migraine. My go to is Excedrine for over the counter stuff it usually does the trick when im in a pinch. Today i took Excedrine after I realized my regular medication was not going help. My son Shane is Reiki Master he is 10 years old. He is my boyfriends son and so we only 4 days a week with him as he goes to his mother’s house the other few days. I’m sitting in my dark living room and here comes my boyfriend (Doug) and Shane. I’m crying, I just can’t contain it anymore. Doug suggest we go to the hospital and I am always reluctant to go to the hospital. I dislike them. So Shane goes up stairs into my crystal apothecary and grabs me 2 chunks of Amethyst. I placed each piece on either side of my temple and then Shane proceeds to give me Reiki on my head. I noticed his eyes open and so I coached him so he could focus a little more. His eyes closed I start to feel the warm energy flowing from his hands. I could feel him writing symbols over me to help release the pressure from my crown chakra. I could start to feel the pain lessen to a 8, then a 7 and slowly worked its way down. I taught him to do a fishing technique that involves bringing all the energy into one spot and then pulling that excess energy out. Sort of like when you sweep a room you make a pile so you can pick it up and throw it away. As he is fishing I could feel the pull. Almost like there was a thread at the top of my head that kept getting tucked on. This is technique that I personally used. Although I have used it on many people I’ve never felt the receiving end. It was surreal. Very gently he kept tugging away at the line pulling and releasing. My migraine going down to a 4 then a 3, 2, and it was gone. I was very nauseous and I had 0 appetite. I feel so much better now. Nausea gone, and im ready for some food! This just happened and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. Our Reiki session was about 20 minutes long. Reiki is a powerful tool anyone can use and implement. I probably would be waiting in a waiting room fighting the flourescent bulbs and cringing from each sound that somehow all get amplified when the worse migraines are on. Im not sure if you guys want more stories like this one. If you read this, let me know. all thoughts welcomed

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