Reiki saved my dogs life

This summer I was traveling. Left back at home my 2 dogs, 9 sugar gliders and my boyfriend (BF). My dogs are Kitalah a 11 year old dingo mix and Mr. Cooper a 8 year old Maltese, chihuahua. I’ve had them both since they were puppies. Mr cooper being a male dog and not neuter would try and mount my female dog. Being way to short to reach her, he never could succeed in his mission of mount and conquer. A few weeks ago Mr.Cooper went into heat and he just would try and try to mount Kitalah. This goes on for hours at a time followed by days. Kitalah being very patient still has her limits. He would continue until Kitalah would become fatigued and exhausted. She them becomes irritable and does little nips towards him to show him that she has had enough. Leave me alone. There has been a few times where Cooper actually has gotten a little nip here and there over the years  from her. It deters him only for a little while but he is persistent and presumes. We try and keep Kitalah away from him when he is like this. We will have her lay on the couch with us, have them in separate rooms. This last time however, he got nipped for his non stop humping spree and what occurred after no one anticipated. My boyfriend and I met a few times over the summer and went on day trips this last trip I asked if he would bring the dogs. I love my dogs and I missed them. The moment I saw Cooper. I felt something off about him and so I asked my boyfriend how Cooper was faring and he assured me that everything was well with him. The dogs at that point had been in the car for several hours by the time they got to me. So I kind of just thought maybe it was the drive, maybe he was carsick as Cooper does get carsick. We get to our destination the beach. The summer is over and this is the first time I take the dogs to the beach. We get out of car and cooper is showing zero enthusiasm to the surroundings he is in. My dogs are always excited to be outside. They smell everything and usually Cooper marks anything he can. This time i notice he doesn’t and so I tell my BF Cooper is not being himself. We make our way to the sand and Cooper just follows along not caring about anything. We find a spot on this deserted beach to sit on and Cooper does not want to sit near us. So I shortened his extendable leash and made my towards him. I noticed a huge ball (golf ball size) on my tiny dogs hind leg. I very gently touched and Cooper reacts with a yelp. Cooper was in pain but I just didn’t know the extent of his injuries just yet. I asked the BF if he knew anything about this and he thought about it and said Cooper managed to climb the baby gate we have that keeps him in the kitchen. I felt like that answer was sufficient at the moment because had it been a sprain he would have shown signs of swelling. I tried giving Cooper a snack but he wouldn’t eat. I decided to give Cooper some Reiki and when I give Cooper Reiki he usually taps out at around 3 minutes because he is so small he wouldn’t need as much as an adult human would.  As I began to give Cooper Reiki I could since he was not happy at all. His swelling began to go down in front of my eyes to the point where his rear and hind legs looked completely normal after. Still I told my BF it was priority that he immediately take Cooper to his Doctor as soon as they got home. My BF had morning work the next day at 7Am but  promised as soon he came home right after work he would take Coops to the vet. He gets home and tells me that Coopers hind leg was extremely swollen again. He takes cooper to the vet at 5pm It seemed that the little nip Kitalah gave him became severely infected and became an abscess. His temperature was extremely low and his organs were already in failure.  The light in his eyes were dim and the doctor said had we waited till the next day Cooper would not had been with us. The BF told the doctor that Coopers swelling had completely disappeared yesterday and the doctor tought this to be extremely unusual since what was in his abscess full of puss and the only way for it to go down at all was by removing the puss. Cooper was admitted and he would be given emergency surgery. I rushed home a day later and spoke to the vet, he then tells me how cooper was the worse case of abscess he had ever seen. All the employees had to leave the room because the stench was so foul the infection was much worse than he had anticipated, he noted his wound was unusual, he was completely healed on the top layer.  Over 20 stitches later Cooper is released  hairless, neutered and abscess free. His stitches were to remain on for up to 10 days. Giving cooper more Reiki through the weekend, we met with the doctor and noticed Coopers healing was very accelerated and a few short days later Coopers stitches came out. He was frolicking eating happy and just being his old self. Had I not given Cooper the Reiki for those 30 minutes I whole heartedly believe he would not be here today with us. Reiki bought me enough time to get him to his Doc. Reiki saved his life and I got to keep my best friend with me a few more years.

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