Reiki and healing my past lives

Let’s backtrack a little so you can be caught up and understand the situation. There is a Reiki practitioner that comes into my space from Delaware and before his first appearance my mom intuitively met with his energy and so when he finally came she already knew him. That night she tells me, he is not meant to stay long but he is meant to show you something. Being general and vague I kinda just put a pin in that for later.  So yesterday he comes in and drops on all he was leaving us as he would be traveling the world healing people. and then it happened…..

so now your caught up.

Okay, so there’s this thing you might see from time to time. “Past lives” I can not tell you what to believe I can only recall the situations of my life to you in my version of my truth. It was about 3 years ago that I first discovered anything about past lives, at that time I didn’t believe in such but oh, I was in for a surprise. It took some time and patience but I discovered a past life I had. It was not until i went through many self healing journeys that I could even access the door to get to my past life. It would have to be an entirely different blog to explain what past lives I have tapped into, for the sake of this blog. I will keep it relevant to the point of the story. In one past life I was Japanese girl who was betrothed to a  samurai. In said life his name Hiroyasho (I don’t recall my name of this life although in my journal im sure its noted) He was the love of my life but he was killed in the war and our marriage never happened. In another life time I was married and I felt like this period is when people traveled to see vaudeville types of shows and he was an entertainer in this life time his name was Roger Miller and his nick name was Rory. I never associated these two life times some how connecting to each other until Monday, the 9th of Nov. Every Monday except the first Monday of the month we host a Reiki Share. I had already received Reiki this evening and given to several people. I am on my last person for the night. So Im there, present, feeling the flowing Reiki energy coming out of almost every part of my body. The energy filling the small gently lit space as I mindfully breath. Then suddenly I see Rory a familiar face although I haven’t worked with him since last year, consciously. He shows me himself in portrait form and then shows the person I am working on my table in a side by side. Then he shows me this person changing, hair changing facial hair changing and bam………he is showing me……… his essence imbued into my clients…..then just as quickly I see myself in traditional Japanese clothing on a wooden bridge 14 years old, saying good bye to the love of my life, a love that was so profound I never loved again and when my passing came i bore no children and no husband. It tied these two lives into one soul. His soul. I could feel the remorse regrets and heartbreak from these two very different life times as one huge double whammy. Could you imagine feeling every loss you ever had in this life in a single moment? now tipple that. My hands still doing this healing work on my friend. In giving we receive is part of using Reiki. I feel my heart replace the sadness, regret and remorse all of her worries her sadness just manifest into the physical form and I am just crying uncontrollably and still just standing there, working. I feel the tears flow down my face and my heart begins to feel full. I feel all these emotions subside and my chest light filling with love. Unconditional love and now my tears are those of joy. I released all that pain from those lives and healed them. Balance. This was the largest release I have ever experienced. I don’t expect you to believe in what I saw or what happened. I can only tell you my truth and with that Reiki can help you re-balance past life karma. I saw it, I felt, I was blessed by it. I hope you could be so lucky to experience this someday

-Love and light

Dominique Rivera

One thought on “Reiki and healing my past lives

  1. What a beautiful story and affirmation that Reiki truly ” Works” for the healer and the the person being healed. I am looking forward to learning this skill… Thank you for sharing. I sensed something on Monday with you, but couldn’t tell what it was. So happy that you were able to heal!!! It is quite an energizing experience… ❤


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