Reiki & dealing with inevitable Death

Death is absolute. It can be avoided for a little while but when she calls, it is time. I get asked a lot what can Reiki do, when it comes to death?. So today I will tell you a story that another Reiki Master told me on her experiences and so it was that I too would soon be in that situation and experience it head on. This will be in two parts. I will tell you her experiences in this blog and in the next my own.

It was Late 2015 and I had been made aware that this particular Reiki Master-“Sam” has had a cat for 16 years. Her name, Baby. Baby had been loosing weight for a bit of time and so Baby no longer wanted to eat. Having taken her to the vet, Sam was reassured nothing was wrong and Baby just had hair balls that would be remedies with some medicine that the veterinarian provided. Baby did not seem to be improving months had past now Baby did not get better. Going to get a second opinion revealed Baby had been fighting a stomach cancer and that was why she stopped eating. At this point it had been very progressed because she had been getting treated for hair balls for a bit over a year. This was unbeknownst to Sam who had been given incorrect information by her vet. It was too advanced to help Baby and the only human thing to do was to let her rest peacefully without pain.

Reiki can not bring anyone back. It doesn’t trump the death card. Sam and her husband who is also a Reiki master surrendered Baby to the vet. Sam waited in the car and her husband Bill waited with Baby as the vets prepared for her transition. Sam knew. She began sending Baby distance Reiki from outside of the vetenarian office and as she continued to feel the life force energy fill her beloved cat, suddenly her warm hands and flowing energy and her warmth was met by a blast of cold and at that moment she knew. Baby had transitioned. Bill came out shortly after and said that Baby had calmed down and she went peacefully.

At this point I had never experienced feeling the essence, soul, life, leave the body. I understood what she meant as she described all the sensations her hands were going through. I thought to myself what are the odds of feeling that? At the exact moment of separation. I had never felt the separation but when you send Reiki to the soul It allows for peace, love, acceptance to take place to reduce the trauma we go through when we let go. Sam connected to Baby in such a personal way, it provided comfort and love and in the end, in the absolute end, that is all you can take with you. Love.

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