Reiki & Farewell to Hollywood Kiki

Hollywood Kiki How could anyone ever forget this kitty with the personality. Kiki well known from her blog about her days of drinking boxed wine and riding her Vespa. I had been treating Kiki a year and she had been going through Kitty life transitions as she had to move to a new home. It was a quiet night and I saw Kiki’s mom- Sarah- phone number pop up on my caller ID late one night. The moment that number popped up, I already knew. I had Kiki on my mind all day that day and it was very unusual as I dont live near Kiki. This gut wrenching feeling something was wrong.

I answered the phone and Kiki had not been doing well at all. I immediately began scanning her to see if I could find a clue as to what /where she is having problems. It wasnt more then a moment that as soon as I began my scan, my heart sank. None of the energy was moving. Not only was it not flowing it was solid. Absolutely solid. It felt like a rock. I had never encountered this personally but I knew. The energy we emit needs to flow, when its constricted, or stagnant it causes problems for us on the physical level. Her physical body was dying. I continued sending this energy into the night and as I feel this life force energy move through and out of me I don’t feel the energy breaking up. I do however feel it moving. Not moving through, moving up and out. Just like squeezing a water balloon that pops. Then suddenly. The cold breeze that moved under my hands that were blazing hot. Suddenly aren’t.

I could feel the energy way above her body, and then not at all. Kiki had an amazing support team and family. I am blessed to have been able to know her and her family and am humbled that I could facilitate an easier passing for her. Reiki helps the family have closure as well. To know someone else is on your team in such a difficult time. I want to thank Sarah for letting me post about Kiki. It is never easy when we loose a loved one. Four legged or two. Love is Love and I they were lucky to have one another.