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Frequently asked questions

Q.Can you give us the ceremony we want?

A. As an interfaith Ordained minister, I can customize and tailor your ceremony to your specific needs. If you have already created your own ceremony stylized in your personality I can absolutely accommodate that as well. Really tell me what you want the tone of your wedding to feel like. Everyone is as unique as a finger print and we get one shot at connecting with your family and friends. Video and photography is allowed during the ceremony. Please no flash photography during the ceremony.  This is distracting to not only the bride and groom but to your guest.

Q. Are you flexible?

A. I am willing to travel to your venue and will not accept clients I feel are out of my comfort range in distance. It is of utmost importance I know where your venue might be.

Q. What are your credentials

A. I am ordained by Universal Life Church Ministries, this allows me to preform weddings in most states. I also teach in my everyday life spirituality and personal development. I am Reiki Master and IET practitioner. U.S. ARMY Vet.

Q. How often will we meet?

A. I require 1 meeting before the wedding this will be atlease one hour long and no longer than 2.5 hours in length. We have alot of details to cover but don’t worry, show up and let me do all the work.

Q.How much do you charge?

A. This depends on distance of venue as travel fees may apply, and if I will be required to guide your rehearsal(50$). I require half payment or a good faith deposit after our first meeting. This deposit will go directly towards the total costs of your invoice.  100-175 is what average costs range.  I can take your credit card on sight and accept every major credit card. Also accept, Apple and android pay, cash. If your wedding is canceled your good faith deposit is non refundable. If your wedding date is changed, this deposit will go towards the total invoice of your new date .50 a mile will be applied to your total invoice for weddings further than 20 miles from H.O.W.L. Awareness Center

6901 Castor Ave. Philadelphia Pa. 19149

Want your family to view you Live?  Facebook.com/HowlAwarenssCenter If the bride and groom choose your wedding can go live on our public page so everyone can share your moment. 

This will require me to clip my phone on to something solid.  WIFI will ensure a clean and smooth picture.

Q. How  can I get a hold of you?

Phone calls, emails or video chat I am available everyday until 6pm. I will only not answer if I am with a client, in this instance I will contact you as soon as possible.



Dominique Rivera- on Facebook

Howl Awareness Center on facebook

267-243-6319       HowlWellness@gmail.com




Please I can not accept checks.






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