About Us

H.O.W.L.  simply stands for Healing Ourselves While Learning. We are an alternative and holistic  center dedicated to the healing arts. The healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. We are continuously working on maintaining a space welcoming all modalities. Facilitating workshops, classes and events that promote personal growth, inner peace, personal awareness, education, self healing and empowerment. As a tiny business, word of mouth is essential to our growth, so we have created ways for you to keep in touch. Take time out, so you have option to preview what we do. Try us out before you buy, with community shares all of the percs and none of the commitment. Navigate our side bar where we have created a Q&A page so answers frequently asked questions and step by step walk through on what on how a session would go. We are a new venue in North East Philadelphia in a Rhawnhurst neighborhood that is a melting pot of cultures. We can facilitate one on one sessions, tandem sessions, private and semi private classes, workshops and weekly events such as Meditation, Tea time and an open library/ study time. Check out what others have to say about us. Howl Wellness on FB & Yelp!
                                                                                     H.O.W.L. Awareness Center
                                                                          “Expression through inward exploration”

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please let me know when the Reiki II courses begin. I did my Reiki I course at Howl Awareness Ctr. and would like to continue. I am still practicing and sharing Reiki sessions at home with family and would like to go further with it and hopefully teach it some day. I have enjoyed meditations and am reading books on topics that relate to what i am going through. I feel i am being called to more. Thank you Howl, for opening my senses to a world of peace, love and light, a light i did not even know was within.


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