Henna/ Mehndi Info and Rates

More than just a beautiful form of self-expression for millennia, the art of henna body decoration has been used by cultures around the world for magical protection, blessings, celebrations, luck, and love. Mehndi is the Hindi word describing the process of painting patterns on the body with henna paste and the resulting stains left on the skin. Using henna paste, intricate patterns are applied to the skin, traditionally on the hands and feet.


What color is it and how long does it last?


Our henna paste goes on as a golden brown and as it starts to dry gets deeper and richer in color Once the paste is removed,  you are left with a yellow-orange stain will begin to oxidize and become darker. Your Henna will be at its richest color peek in 48 hours. Natural henna will always leave a stain in the range of orange/red/brown, however, the exact shade does varies with each persons, the area of body chosen, and the length of time the paste remained in contact with the skin and your natural skin tone.

Your stains result is depending on the amount of time paste is in contact with your skin, the richer the color and it will be longer lasting. Henna typically last 1-2 weeks, on thicker, hands and feet usually provide the best stain result. As your skin exfoliates and regenerates naturaly your mehndi will begin to fade until it completely disappears. To obtain the best possible stain apply the paste to hands and feet, keep the area very warm, and leave the paste on at least 8 hours.

Our paste only takes 25/40 minutes to dry. Meaning theres is little to 0 risk of staining your clothes after the dry time. It is not recommended to take off your Henna at this time as it will not result in the best stain. 
Natural henna will never dye your skin purple, pink, blue, or black. Any henna that dyes your skin a color other than reddish-brown has chemicals added that are not clearly healthy or safe. Please use only safe and natural brown henna.

Does it Hurt?

Absolutely not. Mehndi is 100% temporary and pain free the skin is not broken as in traditional tattooing. When the paste is applied to the skin it may feel cool this is due to the natural cooling properties of the Henna plant. You may feel some tingling. This is caused by the essential oils that are used in the paste, such as eucalyptus. Henna feels much like lotion and does not hurt at all. Application of henna paste can be quite relaxing and enjoyable. Henna can be used at any time of the year.

Is it safe?

Natural Henna can be used even on small children as Henna does not contain any harsh chemicals dyes or additives. Henna rarely has any adverse reactions. If you are unsure, you can do a patch test with the henna. Although Henna is additive free it should still be noted just like anything else. There is a chance of allergies. So if you are allergic to certain essential oils or nuts please let us know.

A word of Caution on BLACK HENNA

There is no such thing as black henna. In order for henna to produce a black color chemicals that are unsafe for your skin have been added. Black henna should always be avoided. A chemical dye known as PPD, which is not authorized for use on the skin by the FDA is often added to the natural henna to produce a “black color”. Black henna can cause liver and kidney damage, as well as scarring of the skin.

Jagua  is not Black Henna

Jagua (botanical name Genipa Americana) is an edible fruit that grows in the Amazon jungle. The properties of the jagua fruit are many including the ability to temporarily dye the skin with a blue-black color that lasts for up to 14 days. For centuries, the indigenous people of South America have used the jagua fruit for body adornment and for medicinal purposes. Skin-Inks Jagua gel is made with the extract of the jagua fruit and other natural ingredients, most of which are found in many food items.


this is an example of a Jagua Mehndi


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Check out more of my Mehndi art in the link below11999756_10205866259187886_4111653455833837333_o


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Price:  $75/hour for ten guests or less

Price:  $80/hour for more than ten guests

For guests, a simple strip up to the wrist and a bit of their fingers will be done. This takes roughly 5 minutes to do per side (out of 4 sides). Which means, in an hour roughly 12 sides can be done. The total amount of people depends on how many sides you let each person get done out of four sides.

Perfect for: Birthdays, ladies night, bridal showers, baby showers, Mehndi/Sangeet party, holiday parties, Eid/Chaand Raat parties, office parties, graduations and much more!

What better way to jazz up your party than giving your guests a chance to be adorn with this beautiful work of art? All designs are done free hand. We can also use a specific design chosen by immediate next of kin (eg. mother or sister of the bride who may want a bit more). However, please keep in mind timing issues when deciding.

*Please take note*
– A $50 deposit is required to confirm your date.  Deposits are non-refundable and it is deducted from the total invoice.

Travel fees may apply.




Want to stop in and get a beautiful piece of art just for yourself?

To stop in and get a henna an appointment is required. 

Henna average cost is 5-25$ for a hand rates depend on detail of Henna and size. Feel free to show me an image you want on your hand or allow me artistic freedom.

Call today to make an appointment at

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Dominique you can also text to make an appointment or send me a photo you want.