What is Mineral Energy Healing?

Mineral energy healing is an acient healing method. That is becoming more valued as a healing method today. The minerals are placed on specific parts of the body that may have blockages to aid in the release of the blockages and assist in implementing healthy flowing energy back into our system.

The anatomic structure from these minerals are similar to our own. Each mineral, emits a different and measurable vibration. We as humans also emit an electro magnetic frequency.  Introducing minerals into ones energy field allows that minerals frequency to vibrate on a cellular level matching our own vibrations. The minerals then assist in removing or adding energy into that specific area depending on what is needed in creating harmony and balance. Example- the electro-magnetic field of quartz comes in contact with our own electro-magnetic field a vibration is created that resonates throughout our energetic structure into our cellular levels.

Want to see how Quartz penetrates our electro magnetic field?

Here is a live demonstration I found very interesting on You Tube

the video is entitled – Demonstration of quartz crystals healing energy



2 thoughts on “What is Mineral Energy Healing?

  1. Hello! My name is Jeff and I feel as though I am on a Twin Flame journey. I’ve recently been through quite a challenging time that led me to learn about Reiki, numerology, spirituality, past lives, twin flames, light workers, and chakras.

    I would be interested in any help with clearing my energies in order to help bring in my twin flame.

    Thanks so much!



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